What’s Your Story Strategy?

Chances are, if you’re a nonprofit you already understand how important storytelling is to your organization.  It’s one of the most effective ways to establish a strong, emotional connection with key audiences including donors, board members, volunteers, and staff.

In our 20+ years experience working with nonprofits, we’ve come across very few who have a robust, year-round storytelling strategy in place. Typically, nonprofits focus on storytelling when they’re preparing for a major event such as a gala, capital campaign, or new website. There’s a flurry of story gathering activity that typically comes to a halt as soon as the event is over.

But stories don’t stop just because your materials have gone to print or are published online. And that’s why we think it’s important for every nonprofit to have a strategy in place to capture, share, and promote stories all year round.  And video needs to be at the heart of that strategy, because it’s the most effective and engaging way of telling stories.

At this point, I imagine you’re thinking that video is way too expensive and time consuming to use on a daily basis. But the reality is you already carry a sophisticated piece of film-making and editing equipment with you everywhere you go – your smartphone. So how difficult would it be to use that phone to capture a quick story at your next board meeting, staff retreat, or donor recognition event?  The answer is – not difficult at all, especially if you use the tools and resources available on the Original Tales platform.

So here’s a challenge. Capture a new story on your phone, and send it to us at mystory@originaltales.com. If it’s one of our favorites, we may even turn it into an animation and feature it on our Showcase page.