The Myth & The Moth

Myths make great stories – just ask the Ancient Greeks. But sometimes, a myth can get in the way of telling a great story.

One of the main reasons that nonprofits aren’t using effectively to tell stories  is because they believe that video is expensive. This is a myth. The reality is great stories don’t require a big budget, and are frequently more impactful when they’re conveyed in a more intimate, less “produced” way.

If you’re looking for a great example of no frills storytelling, check out The Moth’s podcast or radio show.  The Moth is storytelling at its simplest and most powerful – just a storyteller standing in front of a microphone talking to an audience, with no scenery, special effects, editing or big budget production values.

In other words, don’t be a Narcissus focused only on the appearance of your story. And focus on the story itself so that you too can capture your audience with just the power of your words.