A Kid’s Book That’s Not For Kids

An advertising agency in Kansas City, VML, recently demonstrated a bold approach to storytelling in a campaign for nonprofit Youth Ambassadors.

The campaign tells inner-city children’s real-life experiences of drug abuse, violence and hunger, but presents the stories in the form of a children’s book. The familiar elements of a children’s book are all there – watercolor illustrations, cute animals, etc. – but the content strikes a very different tone. As VML says, this “was a book written by children, but definitely not suitable for children”.

Youth Ambassadors has enjoyed tremendous exposure as a result of the campaign, and is reportedly speaking with large companies including United Healthcare and Children’s Mercy Hospital about funding the organization.

This campaign clearly demonstrates the importance of capturing and sharing stakeholder stories. If you don’t have the budget for a big ad agency, you can start building a library of stories to share with Original Tales. And you may also be lucky enough to have your story transformed into an animation, free of charge thanks to our Showcase Program

If you’re in any doubt about the power of a well-animated story, watch one of the videos from the “Welcome to My Neighborhood” campaign below: