We created Original Tales as a platform for nonprofits to capture, share and promote video stories.

As a premium member, you can use Original Tales to:

  • Engage potential donors
  • Support fundraising and capital campaign efforts
  • Recruit new board members
  • Attract and retain volunteers
  • Provide exciting opportunities for sponsors
  • Celebrate your organization’s successes
  • Create an up-to-date video story bank
  • Drive content for social media channels
  • Build community among all stakeholders in your organization

Premium members can use their branded page to initiate all sorts of engaging and exciting fundraising programs using storytelling. If you are interested in how we can help you turn storytelling into fundraising opportunities, please reach out using the Contact Us form.

Original Tales is a great way to provide extra visibility to your corporate sponsors, and for them to increase their commitment to your organization. We’d be delighted to work with you and/or your sponsors to put together a custom package that delivers real value to all parties.

There are plenty of resources on the site to help your organization become a master storyteller, including the Learn section, Story Starter cards, and the Projects page.

But if you still need help defining your story strategy, or building a social media campaign around stories, we do offer custom consulting services. To learn more, reach out using the Contact Us form.

It’s not included in the monthly subscription, but if you’d like us to send a Story Team to your next board meeting, gala, new member orientation, etc. get in touch via the Contact Us form. We’ll turn up with everything you need to capture loads of stories, and will also edit them and upload them to your page for you.

Watching and uploading videos to Original Tales is free – we just ask you to create a membership profile if you want to upload videos. You can also sign up for a Premium Membership, which starts at $75 a month.

As a Premium Member, you can:

  • Create a branded page for your organization with a link to your website and donations.
  • Arrange the videos on your page into Collections, (e.g. by audience, theme, or event)
  • Post a free Help Wanted ad on the Projects board if you need extra assistance with editing, social media, web design, etc.
  • Have your story selected for transformation into an animated short and featured on the Original Tales Showcase page
  • See your story and organization promoted in Original Tales’ social media and marketing
  • Use your branded page for corporate sponsorship opportunities, fundraising initiatives and outreach campaigns/programs.

There’s nothing wrong with YouTube – it’s the world’s biggest video platform.  But it’s YouTube’s size that also makes it challenging for smaller nonprofits. There are way too many distractions when you send a potential donor or volunteer to YouTube, and there’s a very good chance your video will never be seen.

Original Tales has been designed with nonprofits in mind, with the support, features, resources, customization, sponsorship and opportunities that nonprofits need. We’re more than a place to store your videos online. Think of Original Tales as your platform for internal engagement, for donor and volunteer outreach, and for building community through storytelling.

Once you’ve signed up as a premium member, you will see a screen where you can set up your organization’s home page. All you need to get started is your organization’s logo, a photo or other image to use as a header, and a description of your organization.

It should take no more than 5 minutes to set up your page. If you need more time, you can log back in to Original Tales at any time and you’ll be taken to a screen to complete your setup.

If you’re a premium member and you upload your video through the Original Tales site, the Upload form will give you the option to create a new collection for the video, or add it to an existing collection.

If you’d like to edit collections once they’re uploaded to the page, use the Contact Us form and let us know what you’d like to change.

If you want to share your log-in with other people in your organization, that’s not a problem. But just be aware that they will have access to all the information associated with the account, including billing information.

If you’d like a multi-seat account, we can create a custom membership package for you. Just use the Contact Us form and let us know what you need.

You can cancel your membership at any time by logging in to your account and going to the Manage page.  If you cancel, your membership will expire at the end of the current calendar month, or at the end of the 12-month period if you paid for a full year.

Sorry, but we’re not able to give a refund but you will still have access to the site for the full period of time you paid for.

If you’re a premium member, you can post a job to the Projects board to get help with social media, film editing, design, etc.  Any responses will go directly to your email address on the posting.

Any agreement you enter into with a student via the Projects Board will be wholly independent of Original Tales, and we will not be involved in, or responsible for, fees, quality of work, payment, etc.

At this point, you need to be a student (undergraduate or graduate) at an approved institution to apply for project work with a nonprofit via Original Tales.

To apply for a job on the Projects board, click on the green Sign In link next to each listing. If it’s your first time applying, you will be asked to Sign Up for free student membership. The Sign Up form will ask you to include the email address of a referring faculty member so that we can verify your student status and skills.  Once we receive email confirmation from a faculty member, we will approve your membership and you can see the full Project listing.

Any agreement you enter into with a nonprofit via the Projects Board will be wholly independent of Original Tales, and we will not be involved in, or responsible for, fees, quality of work, payment, etc.

If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student at a school that’s not yet approved as a partner of Original Tales, reach out using the Contact Us form and we’ll get in touch with a member of faculty.

Every video we receive is automatically considered when we select the stories we find most inspiring, surprising, or entertaining to be turned into an animation. If your story is selected, we will be in touch so you can speak with the animation team before they begin work.

If you’d like Original Tales to animate your video outside of our Showcase program, just reach out using the Contact Us form.

Yes and No. No, this isn’t (yet) a feature that premium members can control via the Manage page. But Yes, if this is something you’re interested in doing, please reach out using the Contact Us form and we’ll try to make it happen.